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An industrial rubber flooring, thickness 20 or 30 mm, made of a homogeneous mixture of natural and synthetic rubber; vulcanising and stabilising minerals and coloured pigments, suitable for loose-lay installation, with certification CE 0987-cpd-66 and the certification of the Banco Nazionali di Prova le Armi da Fuoco Portatili e per le munizioni commerciali, 25063 Gardone Valtrompia (Brescia), Italy, for portable fire arms and commercial ammunition.

The 20 mm sheets were tested for use in shooting tunnels (enclosed ranges), whilst those of 30 mm were used for flooring in the shooting positions (butts).Both would be perforated by bullets fired during the tests but without any evidence of ricochet. Indeed, having been spent in the penetration of the rubber flooring and in impact with the floor structure beneath, the projectile did not retain sufficient kinetic energy, in any of the tested situations, to perforate the sheet again.

SURFACE smooth or round
BACK loose-lay installation
WEIGHT 22/37 Kg/mq
COLOUR black