One of the most used means of transport in big cities is definitely the Metro.

Linking various stations on more than one line, every day lots of people are able to commute from a point to another in the city in a fast and efficient way.

For this reason, it is necessary, besides the functionality of the wagon, to the stations to be equipped at their best, with a pleasant aspect for the passengers that hang out at there.

One of the differences can be made by the esthetical appearance and functionality of floorings: Remp, with its suggestions of floorings installed in the major subways all over the world is, for sure, a convincing reason.

  • Metro_di_Hong_Kong
  • Metro_di_Napoli_-_Stazione_di_Toledo
  • Metro_di_Caracas
  • Metro_di_Milano_1
  • Metro_di_Brussels_-_Stazione_di_Rogier
  • Metro_di_Liverpool
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  • Metro_di_Napoli_-_Stazione_di_Mater_Dei