The Dutch Embassy in Athens was chosen as a pilot project for the implementation of the most current philosophy of public office collaborative work environment in the Netherlands.

Appointed by the company Carteco, and thanks to the creative genius of Gfra Architecture and graphic designer Mijksenaar, we have reached the creation of a work in which the modern and functional Remp is proud to have participated.

The 630m2 surface of the Embassy has been converted into an open office space where flexible and alternative workspaces are provided for the embassy staff. In order to express a Dutch identity, mainly there was focused on character elements such as clarity and openness through transparency.

The overall space was given a clear, clean technological look, using white and grey. Fitting with the technological cleanness of the space, specific reference is made to the Amsterdam airport of Schiphol with the use of authentic airport wayfinding signs, designed and manufactured by the firms that provide the airport.

In the embassy the signs specify the activity of each area and gives a recognizable identity both for Dutch people and foreigners.

The conclusion of the work was completed in September 2014, and we are proud to show you some of the photos of the new Dutch Embassy in Athens.

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