Lund+Slaatto Architects AS

Lund+Slaatto Architects AS has moved to the docking balcony of Langkaia 1 in Oslo after 19 years in Skøyen Atrium.

The docking balcony is a project of the building Havnelageret from the 1920s. The architecture company was founded in 1958 and was shortly afterwards considered one of the Norway's leading, because of several prestigious projects. Lund+Slaatto's has given each project a distinct and characteristic approach. Their offices are no exception to this process, in addition to spectacular views towards the Oslofjord. 

The floor is made by Remp and ProsjektGulv AS is proud to have suggested this product to Lund+Slaatto. The installed flooring is Planway UR RP which has a gray color with a slight blue hue called UR 10 and comes with a finished polyurethane treated surface for easy maintenance. 
Unicolored rubber flooring is a classic design with a timeless feel that works well in combination with most other materials.

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